About Stagecoach

Andy Cloke & Sons LTD is a family owned and run business. We specialise in structural steel and cladding to the industrial and argicultural sector. Our business was found in 1979 by Andy, and joined in 1986 by Paul, 1989 by Ciaran, and most recently by youngest son Alan.

Almost 20 years ago we became aware of the need for mobile outdoor stages in Ireland to cater for the growning amount for festivals and events. Scaffold and built-up stages are slow to erect and disassemble. Curtainside artic trailers are improfessional looking, and have serious electrical and other saftey risks.

With this in mind we designed and built our own first purpose made stage unit. Its overall lenght is 12.2 meters. With an ever increasing market we decidied to build 3 more units: 2 are 12.2 meters in lenght, and the other is 9 meters long. Since expanding our range we have hired our stages in every county in Ireland. Our fleet includes three tractor units in addition to our four stages.

If you require any assistance with your requirements please contact us with your details